Phuket Yacht Show

With the Phuket Yacht Show set to take centre stage of Phuket’s nautical scene in January 2019, Thailand continues in its journey towards becoming a growing player in the world’s luxury yachting industry. Expected to draw in thousands of international visitors to the award-winning Royal Phuket Marina from January 4 – 7, 2019, this is a luxury yachting and lifestyle event ocean-lovers should not miss. Why?

Those with a keen eye on all things nautical will relish in this unique opportunity to view not only yachts, superyachts and marine related paraphernalia and services, but also luxury properties, luxury cars, fashion and accessories, exquisite dining destinations and luxury products. Besides being a gathering of like-minded souls who share a common interest in the finer things in life, a number of events will also make this occasion unforgettable: wine tastings, fashion shows, super car parades and more.

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Additionally, in response to the region’s growing interest in superyacht sales and charter, viewings of a unique private island superyacht display located just five minutes from Royal Phuket Marina will also be made available in, accessed by private shuttle for qualified guests.

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Phuket Yacht Show

The exhibitor line-up was at an all-time high from a diverse list of industries, including marine leisure, high-end property developers, leading names in the automotive industry, luxury jewellery, hospitality and food and beverages. A healthy mix of high-net-worth buyers, sellers and aspiring yacht owners with an appetite to spend flocked to the docks where a number of the exhibitors recorded impressive boat sales.


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